The Satcom is an external Satellite Communicator accessory that enables Syrus GPS tracking devices with Iridium’s truly global data network coverage.

Plug & Connect compatible with Syrus GPS devices and easy to program and manage via Pegasus Gateway – web application – it’s the ideal solution for critical scenarios & activities that require reliable near real-time, communication services without depending on a cellular network.

Enhanced Functionality & Features

    • Global operating capability using the Iridium Satellite network
    • RS-232 transparent communication with Syrus GPS device / compatible with Syrus three (3)-Port Serial Expander
    • Fully programmable / configurable trigger events depending on cellular coverage; automatic switching between
      3G/GPRS and Satellite Network for data optimization
    • Two (2) way communication with Pegasus Gateway web server application
    • Fully integrated and compatible with Pegasus Gateway Ecosystem for custom script reporting configurations
    • Total control of satellite data usage within monthly rate plans
    • High gain, low-profile, external Iridium antenna