Position Logic

Author: Kore Wireless

Contact: sales@korewireless.com


Description: Position Logic is a powerful web tracking platform with integrated business intelligence, precision technology, customized services and solutions.


Position Logic is a leading B2B location-based services provider committed to supporting clients’ business with integrated applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions.

Position Logic offers an advanced GPS Tracking platform solution that is capable of scaling your business into virtually any industry that requires a tracking solution.

Among the many characteristics of the platform, it has an Automated Alerting System, Industry-leading Geofencing, & Extensive Device Integration.


  • Full Screen Real-time Tracking
  • Open Layer Integrations
  • Live Share Link
  • Routes and Directions
  • Dispatch vehicles to any locations
  • Fuel panels
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver History
  • Historic Route Playback
  • White-label Custom Branding

Position Logic requires the following:


Released: July 19, 2016

Latest Update: July 19, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Logistics / Tracking Platform

Requirements: Syrus Device, Pegasus Gateway

Language: English & Spanish