The ECU Monitor is an external module which connects to the SYRUS GPS tracking device 1-Wire port .

It is designed by DCT specifically as an interface to read CAN protocols J1939 / J1708 & J1587  for automotive applications.

The ECU Monitor can be connected directly to the SYRUS GPS and use its intelligent TAIP event engine tool to integrate available CAN parameters.

This integration allows those parameters to be confined on thresholds that can be configured and monitored in order to trigger events or actions.

For example, the ECU monitor reads the RPM  (OE0-OE4 signals) directly from the on-board-computer on the vehicle. With the  SYRUS’s intelligent engine configurations, thresholds can be set to trigger alerts if a certain RPM limit has been reached and trigger different actions accordingly.

The same is true when reading any of these parameters: speed, engine’s oil pressure/level (psi), coolant fluid level (psi), general odometer value, trip’s odometer value, instant fuel consumption (l/h),diagnostic signals DM1, cruse control status, PTO status, parking brake status, battery voltage level, fuel level (in some vehicles), transmission fluid level, engine’s working hours, service mileages (not available on protocol J1708), fuel consumption on idle condition, engine’s working hours on idling and total fuel consumption.

Using the Pegasus Gateway through web services applications will simplify the integration & configuration between Syrus GPS tracking device ECU Monitor external device.