Driv.in Smart Deliveries

Driv.in Smart Deliveries

Author: Driv.in

Contact: eycaza@smartcargos.com

Site: https://www.driv.in/

Description: Drivin is a leading routing, optimization and tracking solution for urban delivery and service fleets


Drivin is a leading routing optimization and tracking solution for urban delivery and service fleets. The solution uses advanced algorithms to allocate each visit or delivery order to an available vehicle in the fleet, and later defines the optimal route each vehicle must follow.

Typical benefits range from 20 to 30% decrease in transportation costs. Final customer service is also greatly improved due to more accurate time of arrival.

The routing plan compliance is controlled in real time using Syrus GPS data which generates automated actionable alerts and also a driver score.


– User friendly web interface

– System assigns each order to a vehicle, considering all clients restrictions like time windows, type of vehicle and service time between other variables

– Solution minimizes fuel consumption while maximizing the fleet usage

– App for drivers where they can review order details, stop sequences and optimal routes

– Web and mobile dashboard with real time location of the fleet and route compliance events

– Provides live alerts whenever a vehicle goes out of the original plan

– Analytics dashboard with historical data

– API for ERP/TMS/WMS integration


Driv.in Smart Deliveries only requires the following:


Released: July 06, 2016

Latest Update: July 15, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Driving Analytics / Geofencing / Logistics / Routing & Dispatch

Requirements: Pegasus Gateway, Syrus device

Language: English & Spanish