Built for IoT / M2M Applications

Actionable intelligence for infinite possibilities interacting with
multiple sensors and accessories through APIs.



Scalability and interaction with multiple accessories and functionalities for advanced IoT/M2M Integration


A complete Data for Fleet Productivity Ecosystem designed for the purpose of simplifying hardware interaction, communication protocols and Apps development


Syrus 3G Bluetooth

Syrus 3G & 3G Bluetooth

Item # S3G-2480, S3GBT-2481

Detail Ordering #’s

  • S3G-2480
  • S3G-2480A (includes GPS antenna connector)
  • S3GBT-2481 Bluetooth
  • S3GBT-2481A (includes GPS antenna connector)

Advanced tracking device  built for IoT/M2M Applications based on actionable intelligence, realtime interaction with multiple accessories and sensors, built in diagnostic and superior API management, now with Bluetooth built-in.

Technology:  3G (GSM/GPRS), BLE

Water Resistant: Yes (IP65 enclosure)

Backup Battery: 250mAh

Max Backup Battery Duration: 8 Hrs

Storage: 30,000 events

Accelerometer: 3-Axis Internal Digital ±16G 

Interface: RS232, USB, 1-Wire, ADC, I/Os, JSON/APIs (OTA), Bluetooth (BLE)

Audio: 2-way

IoT Ready: Yes – (JSON/APIs OTA interconnectivity support)

syrus cloudconnect

Syrus Cloud Connect 2G

Item # SL-1445

Detail Ordering #’s

  • SL-1445 NC
  • SL-1445 CC (with global connectivity)

An intelligent vehicle tracking and reporting device with superior GPS sensitivity combined with a quad-band GSM/GPRS module. Its optional multi-carrier wireless connectivity makes the Syrus Cloud-Connect ideal for low cost and massive deployments. 

Technology:  2G (GSM/GPRS)

Water Resistant: Yes (IP65 enclosure)

Backup Battery: 250mAh

Max Backup Battery Duration: 8 Hrs

Storage: 21,600 events

Accelerometer: 3-Axis Internal Digital ±16G

Interface: RS-232 (optional), I/Os

Audio: No

IoT Ready: Yes – (JSON/APIs OTA interconnectivity support)


Syrus Bluetooth Tag

Item # BTT-1634


A programmable IoT Smart Bluetooth Tag for stand-alone applications and expanded SYRUS 3G Bluetooth actionable intelligence. Fully supported by SYRUS Cloud-based APIs, ready for IoT interaction with Smart Ecosystems.

Technology:  Bluetooth 4.0 Smart (BLE)

Water Resistant: Yes (IP65 enclosure)

Backup Battery: 620mAh

Max Backup Battery Duration: 1-2 Yrs

Battery Specs: Replaceable CR2450 with permanent power connector

Sensors: Movement, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Free fall/Impact, Magnetic

Accelerometer: 3-Axis Internal Digital ±16G 

Embedded Peripherals: Buzzer, Push button, LED

IoT Ready: Yes – (JSON/APIs OTA interconnectivity support)


Syrus 2G Trailer Tracker

Item # STT-4313

Rechargeable battery operated asset 2G tracking device designed for prolonged remote monitoring with advanced functionalities. Provisioned with global, multi-carrier wireless connectivity and OTA configuration management.

Technology:  2G (GSM/GPRS)

Water Resistant: Yes (IP67 enclosure)

Backup Battery: 39Ah

Max Backup Battery Capacity: 260 days

Storage: 21,600 events

Accelerometer: 3-Axis Internal Digital ±16G

IoT Ready: Yes – (JSON/APIs OTA interconnectivity support)