Syrus 3G Bluetooth Hub
for ELD/HOS Apps

Local interaction via Bluetooth and
extended REST API support for fast
development and compliance.

API Documentation

OFFLINE Local Interaction

SYRUS Bluetooth S3GBT-2481 connects CAN protocols
J1939/J1708/J1587 with ECU interfaces providing driving
time and other parameters for hours-of-service (HOS)
compliance, DVIR and IFTA records, directly to your mobile
phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Discover More

Easy remote interaction
with Syrus connected
sensors. Data becomes
accessible to any user and
HOS applications can be
developed without the
complexity of hardware

CLOUD Interaction
with REST APIs

Advanced SUPPORT for Developers

Pegasus APIs allow developers to expose, share data and
interact with external third party webservices for fast FMCSA
HOS mandate compliance. Developers can also publish their
Apps on SYRUSMART, a specialized IoT/M2M Marketplace
and development community dedicated to Fleet Automation
and infinite possibilities.

HOS Compliance

DOT mandates that HOS Apps have accurate real-time information
that can be requested at any time, thus with the SYRUS Bluetooth
S3GBT-2481, local interaction makes Data accessibility possible
anywhere at any time. Engine Hours for example come directly from
CAN bus and are easily accessible.

Built Apps with SYRUS 3G Bluetooth

Check our sample templates and view source code on GitHub